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The MEL Specialist will support the association and its member firms to generate, learn from, and use credible data to drive workplace gender equality, diversity and inclusion (WGEDI) initiatives, implementation and improvements in member firms; lead the monitoring and tracking of the association strategic plan and annual plans; and coordinate reporting on association progress against these plans to the management, board and Investing In Women. The role will also include monitoring and evaluating discrete the association's activities and events; and the secure management of data and knowledge products. The MEL Specialist will also lead in monitoring and evaluation of WGEDI actions of member firms in a strategic approach. The MEL Specialist will also assist, on an ad hoc basis, the IW MEL team to capture monitoring and evaluation data across all IW components within Myanmar. This can include assisting with coordination and facilitation of stakeholder interviews, focus group discussions and MEL presentations to a range of stakeholders


Required ▪ At least 5 years of progressive working experience in project management and expertise in project management software (e.g. Wrike/SurveyMonkey), preferably within the private sector or within development programs; ▪ At least 2 years of experience with data analysis and reporting (e.g.using Excel, SPSS, Stata, PowerPoint); ▪ Experience organising or facilitating workshops and participatory learning events, and knowledge of evaluation and participation apps (e.g. Slido, Poll Everywhere); ▪ Demonstrated record of delivering M&E or reporting products to schedule and budget with limited supervision; Desired ▪ Understanding of good practice quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, including quantitative surveys, semi-structured interviews, and focus group discussions; ▪ Experience in supporting human resource development, diversity and inclusion, and/or organisational change processes in the private sector will be an advantage


MEL Operations ▪ Work with the Diversity & Inclusion and other teams in tracking developed MEL plan for the strategic and annual plans of the association and lead on the monitor and reporting of progress towards achieving these plans; ▪ In consultation with team members, maintain project management systems for tracking the association's projects, events, campaign and activities' data and information in the MEL system of the association in a timely manner; ▪ Analyse assessment surveys of the association (Know Your WGE & GEARS) and HR data from member firms and provide this analysis to the HR team members to support their engagement with the member firms. ▪ Work with Diversity & Inclusion, BD & Communications teams to support member firms' WGEDI activities with the D & I and client care process; ▪ Develop and implement tools for evaluating events, campaigns, advisory sessions and training and report findings to the team, supervisor and Country Director as required; ▪ Support and advice to the team members in their information and data processing processes on respective operations of the association; ▪ Participate in the team discussion and contribute to WGEDI activities and initiatives; ▪ Collate and manage the association's knowledge products for easy access; ▪ Prepare and present MEL data within the association and members firms as needed to a broader audience; ▪ Work with teams on developing and analysing existing assessment survey processes of the association for WGEDI activity implementation; ▪ Share relevant information from the MEL activities with the BCs communications teams for potential use as communication material; ▪ Lead and conduct MEL sessions of the clients together with other team members and producing the MEL reports as required; ▪ Lead, develop, manage and provide MEL training to members, clients and organisations as one of the services of the association; ▪ Support to team members on WGEDI activities of the association from MEL expertise and perspectives; WGEDI Service, Training and Advisory ▪ Manage and support in the analysis process for "before and after" for any training, workshops, services, assessments, advisory for understanding the impact and effectiveness of the implementation; ▪ Understand the needs, wants of the client and market trend, adapt and integrate the understanding in the service packages and training for having the most effective services for competitive market advantage; ▪ Understand and make an (individual) assessment of the country's WGEDI situation, legislated laws and regulations, policies and the impact on Economic Growth, Human Resources Management and Sustainable Development Goals from MEL point of view and report to the supervisor and the Country Director accordingly; ▪ Manage, support and assist in initiating Employer of Choice award from MEL perspective; WGEDI Certification and Assessment ▪ Lead association level WGE assessment, Know Your WGE, support and assist in the regional level WGE assessment of GEARS and global level gender Certification, EDGE; WGEDI Reports, Case Study, Research ▪ Lead, support and participate with best MEL expertise in the production of IW's quarterly reports, different types of WGEDI reports, research, case studies of the association as the centre of excellence in WGEDI within the industry; MEL ▪ Lead and ensure the WGEDI data are effectively and efficiently managed, contribute in compliance with data protection policy and confidentiality agreement with the members and also in compliance with the funding agency guidelines; 3 | P a g e ▪ Take the lead in analysing WGEDI data trends and metrics from the project operations and its related activities to inform business decisions to the team and members for the comprehensive WGEDI advisory, initiatives and services; Business Development ▪ Bring business opportunities from the WGEDI support session or client communications or MEL sessions or project activities/operations for the growth of the association, especially for training/advisory/assessment prospect to meet 30% business growth rate with 85% retention (membership/recertification); Financial Management  Manage, support and assist in the work plan and budget of Diversity & Inclusion Department, including making sure the budget and expenditure are accurate and spend as planned, target vs actual on activities and work plan/KPIs; ▪ Ensure cost-effective usage of the association funds on operations in an effective, efficient and timely manner; Others ▪ Manage, coordinate, support in updating and producing required reports: weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports and plans as the leadership of Diversity & Inclusion team; ▪ Work with respective team members for meeting the respective indicators of the associations in the resulting framework; ▪ Ensure members and members' WGEDI data and other types of data are effectively and efficiently managed, contribute in compliance with data protection policy and confidentiality agreement with the members and also in compliance with the association's policies and guidelines, funding agency guidelines, local laws and regulations; ▪ Make sure the association has well maintained, continually developed WGEDI data and information, resources, members action plans, programs, discussion points, etc. with respective MEL system/trackers for ensuring the indicators of the association's resource and reporting process; ▪ Work and maintain close collaboration with Investing In Women MLE focal/team, Regional BCs' MEL focal, EDGE Client Lead, members' D & I/Technical/HR contact for overall effective coordination; ▪ Working with the IW MEL team, coordinate and participate in in-country data collection activities such as interviews, focus groups discussions, survey design and learning events. This task cuts across all the IW components; ▪ Other tasks assigned by the supervisor and the Country Director.

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