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This is for the creation of CHILDREN'S DIGITAL BOOKS. Future Impact is an unofficial NGO. We are looking for more staff to help strengthen and enhance our NGO before we register, preferably one who will like to be on the Board. We work towards contributing to sustainability and the greater good of society. We have done a few programs online and within a church. Our Board of Directors are reliable and qualified. However, to be better, we need you! Our Mission: to help enrich communities and empower the vulnerable and their families through mentorship, education and healthy treatments. Your role is to assist in the artwork for the creation of an online class where life lessons , English and Mathematics are taught, colouring is encouraged and puzzles and riddles and a taste of different cultures from around the world are given using Digital Stories. These stories will be filled with adventure and challenges. You can add your signature style as long as it can be appealing to the age group of 3- 12 years old. The public will be asked to contribute what they can. The contributions will go towards the building and managing of the NGO. Other means of gaining funds will be used as well. When the organisation is stable, a stipend and eventually, hopefully a salary will be given.


To share ideas to help enhance the presentation, storyline and art work of the Children Digital Books. Good communication skills Ambitious and open -minded Have the ability to work well individually and in teams.


To use the effective tools that are affordable and work with the organisation to gain better tools. To create books that are cohesive in their storyline, presentation, and artwork, To create art work that is appealing to the age group or 3 -11 years old, and associated with the title of each story within the book series, agreed upon. To state issues that are affecting your work and progress. To respect our values To honor our mission and vision Meet at least once a week to discuss ideas and other tasks related to the completion of each story and enhancement of one's work. To research and keep up-to-date with tools that can help enhance your work which you will have to present on the meeting date agreed upon. Using suggestions/ reviews from our readers and their guardians, to improve one's work. You are to note those suggestions/ reviews and their solutions and upload them on our cloud for future reference. Responsibilities, associated with your role, maybe added as our organization improve which will be discussed with you and need your approval. Solutions must adhere to our mission, values and visions. If responsibilities become unbearable you are to inform us and we will discuss a solution together. Solutions must adhere to our mission, vision and values.

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