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Note: Candidate must live in Vietnam and speak Vietnamese. Priority will be given to Vietnamese citizens, but international experts with relevant experience in the area may also be considered. - Social Impact is a global development management consulting firm. We provide monitoring, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity building services to advance development effectiveness. We work across all development sectors including democracy and governance, health and education, the environment, and economic growth. Since 1997 we have worked in over 100 countries for clients such as US government agencies, bilateral donors, multilateral development banks, foundations, and nonprofits. - Expected timeline (subject to change due to current COVID-19 situation): Contract: May 11 – July 16, 2020


Qualifications: Team Leader ( with the possibility of complimentary STTA support if required)* - Expertise in environmental pollution, preferably water-related health issues required. - Experience in local actor networking and policy advocacy desired. - At least five years of experience in evaluation for development projects, specifically in conducting assessments or special studies, and familiarity with related compliance. - Must have experience coordinating with GVN to implement USAID programs. - Fluency in Vietnamese required. - Fluency in English with demonstrated excellent writing skills required. - Familiarity with USAID funding mechanisms desired. - Experience working at project sites is a plus.


SI is seeking a competent consultant to act as Team Leader to conduct this study, with specific activities include, but are not limited to - A plan that principally identifies qualitative assessment tools and key stakeholders - Desk research of existing planning and MEL documents. - Key informant interviews with stakeholders, including but not limited to: USAID, PHAD staff, provincial government partners, private sector stakeholders and other local actors in the Water Health Network); - Focused group discussions with (direct) current and future beneficiaries of the project intervention (while remaining adaptive to health-related restrictions and COVID-19-related conditions at the time of the study); and - Analysis and Report writing.

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