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This role provides an exciting opportunity to create informative and inspiring visual content that helps fulfill Young Peacebuilders vision of equipping more children and youth as peacebuilders. The COVID-19 Response Graphic Designer will create peacebuilding-related content that captures the attention of youth, children, and the general public, and inspires, educates, and/or motivates clear action, to help adapt programming towards remote-learning during COVID-19 response. The Graphic Designer will work with both our dynamic Research & Development and Communications teams on a variety of creative projects.


- Combine art and technology to communicate ideas through graphics - Transform statistical data, processes, and other training information into visual graphics and diagrams using images, text, and colour to make ideas more accessible and improve child and youth peacebuilding related training tools - Advise on the development of multimedia material and strategies to reach a particular audience - Create images/logos/ graphics that convey a message and may shared on diverse platforms, including YPC materials, social media and newsletters sent through third-party email software - Develop graphics for websites - Develop various visual content informing about YP’s work - Gather and incorporate ideas recommended by the Research & Development and/or Communications teams into the final design - Preferred (not required) develop training, informational, promotion, and other videos

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