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Organization Mission

To be a leading organisation in provision of entrepreneurs’ training, empowerment, motivation, innovation and business development services for entrepreneurs to design entrepreneurship development activities and products to achieve their desires through various programs.

Idea Description

In Tanzania, since 2015 there has been rising number of students in higher learning institutions with (Amani, 2017). Despite the fact that the government continues to support higher education learners through loans, but the money has always been insufficient to meet needs of majority of learners hence leading to difficult campus life t most students. Currently the lives of the students had been already affected by loss of stipend allowance given by the government, bad economy, and being unable to move around because of the Covid-19. Makutano ya Wajasiriamali (MAWA) therefore has introduced entrepreneurship training and empowerment programme targeting those students who have been lacking basic entrepreneurship skills, soft skills, as well as business management skills to better position themselves for self income generation. Training, motivating and empowering these students would mitigate the risks of psychological problems, poverty and life frustrations among the students.

Implementation Strategies & Learnings

MAWA started to implement this idea in December 2019 by organising entrepreneurship training workshops to five universities and colleges located in Mbeya city Tanzania. Beneficiaries were taught entrepreneurship skills and motivated to introduce different small scale manageable ventures that they could run without disrupting their studies. There are currently 10 university groups nurtured by MAWA involving income generating activities such as local juice selling, chicken rearing, business management software development and retail businesses.