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Organization Mission

We develop sustainable building solutions in Zimbabwe to create value for our stakeholders : employees, customers, shareholders,community and suppliers

Idea Description

Problem At the onset of the pandemic, we all rallied to ensure prevention then threw weight behind building business continuity. Employees worked hard to keep the company running both remotely from home and on the business side with skeletal staff. Lots of support was given to staff to make it easy for them to work from home with much encouragement on staying healthy while working from home being given. However because of the pandemic and it's impact on the business many changes were happening in the business and employee morale was beginning to dwindle. Employee were becoming anxious and engagement levels were impacted negTively. Civic ,being a new phenomenon has brought us varied challenges and while we were ready to the best of our knowledge, the impact of our response on employee resilience was not immediately apparent. Fortunately we had set in our strategy for the year an agenda around culture transformation. We then redesigned this to address key resilience factors we noted would strengthen the team in the face of the pandemic.

Implementation Strategies & Learnings

We are currently rolling out the programme under the name gIRLS and it has a number of activities including a biggest loser challenges, team competitions, wellness training and financial training modules with practical solutions for extra income and plan b should family income be impacted by one of both parents losing their jobs. It is running well also though in the absence of an opportunity to meet up its been very difficult to coordinate some of the key programmes such as the biggest loser pfogramme.