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Organization Mission

Our Organization Objects/Causes That We Support:- * To spread love , peace and global unity. *To promote the health of mother earth in preventing global warming and to save the global environment and to protect and balance nature by growing more trees.Grow green to live evergreen. * To distribute free food to sadhus and poor neady people. * To distribute free blankets to sadhus and poor needy people staying in the freezing cold climate of Himalayan mountains. *To distribute free solar lanterns/lamps to poor school children in the rural areas or villages. *To grant disaster relief and assistance to needy victims during natural calamities such as famine, earthquake, floods, fire , pestilence, Covid--19 Pandemic etc, and to give donations and other assistance to institutions, establishments or persons engaged in such relief work.

Idea Description

"Covid-19 Free Ration Kit Distribution for the Poor People of Mumbai, India" : Due to lockdown and the Covid-19 virus spreading drastically all over, the poor people are being deprived of the basic need that is there daily food due to lockdown and no money. So we at Param Dharm Global Foundation has taken a noble initiative of distributing free food means free ration kits for the poor people.The each free ration kit will consist of 2kg Wheat flour + 2kg rice + 1 kg dal + 1litre cooking oil +1kg Sugar + 1kg Salt + 100gms haldi powder + 100gm mirchi powder. So please donate generously and support our noble cause at this time of emergency covid-19 pandemic. As these poor people are also a part of our society and they also have a right to live their life under safety. So we at Param Dharm Global Foundation had made a mission to help them also fight corona virus with providing them with free ration kits and I would request you all to come forward and help us generously to fulfill our noble cause at this time of emergency crisis.Lets join hands together and help each other. You can donate to:-

Implementation Strategies & Learnings

Yes! I have tried and had implemented this idea and ahared on our organisations social media page but it is not successful.And I would like to change the mentality of people who are just liking and praising only our work in our organisations social media account page and not sensible feeling to support our noble cause by donating as little they can as per their capacity so that we can carry forward our noble cause of helping the poor and needy.