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Organization Mission

Campaigning for positive community impact

Idea Description

Challenge: In the middle of a global pandemic, we find ourselves in an ever-rising epidemic "Gender-Based Violence and femicide. With women being the most affected in South Africa today. More and more cases get reported every week and the place which will all call home is slowly becoming unsafe to live in. Idea: How do you start a GBV conversation in your home? The idea came about after we asked ourselves and some of our friends this question. 90% came back with (I don't know-how, I have never tried. The South Africanist has partnered with female artists to create unique artworks that will serve as conversation starters in our homes. These artworks will have messages of gender equality and women's rights that will be transformed into 67 pieces of puzzles. Since mobility is still limited during the lockdown period, these puzzles will be the perfect tool for families to do something towards social change in the comfort of their homes. They are tools families can use to engage in gender equality and women's rights. It’s a few minutes of teaching that could have a positive impact that can last a lifetime. Home is the frontline of any change and that’s where impact starts. Beneficiaries: - Female artists affected by the COVID 19 lockdown and no source of income - NPO that creates safe spaces for GBV victims and survivors. - Restoring the family relationship

Implementation Strategies & Learnings

On Mandela Day, we launched this campaign and called it "67 Shades Of Hope". We reached out to a couple of female artists and got digital illustrations then printed puzzles. We started selling the puzzles and The proceeds from puzzles sales will be donated towards NPO’s dedicated to women empowerment and used to cover the campaign costs. The campaign is still running and we receiving more orders, the positive response from communities is amazing. We looking to raise more funds to and produce more and develop teaching manuals for schools.