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Organization Mission

One day all children in Nepal will attain an excellent education.

Idea Description

Well , I as a teach for Nepal fellow had worked in rural community for 2 years . During the time I had faced lots of problem in teaching materials . Mostly in public school don't have facilities as similar to private . I started innovating new teaching method that is lost cost and zero cost teaching method that has been prepared by bamboo, clay , waste booties , syringe , Normal saline bottle , wood etc . I could vividly seen many teachers doesn't follow the teaching method so ,without having enough materials how the 60,000 students gets quality education? While the time of quieting from school that problem always hits me . Again the lockdown started most of urban areas student can get daily education but rural area student don't get access . Due to focusing on covid-19 crisis and this pandemic situation in Nepal we had started to develop app where the teachers can get idea from this app and can teach their students . We won 1000$ USD through this idea .

Implementation Strategies & Learnings

Well, we are still in ground phase . All the members are entirely working on this app . We are going to collaborate it in International level . Hopefully it will be the best solution for urban areas students who really don't have other option.