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Organization Mission

For service to humanity

Idea Description

This idea is for the benefit of both parents and children but most especially children who during or after holidays could come to the library to read and gain more knowledge. This problem is addressing children who are always outside playing ball after school or even during holidays, why not use this opportunity for them to love reading and learn from it. What they learn from school, sometimes they forget about it once they reach home so why not create a free access to library for them to read after they have rested. This problem is very important because such child at an early age where they learn fast, will be able to accumulate knowledge and know what they want once they reach a certain age, they won't just go to school and forget all what they are taught once they find a place for them to learn more after school and sometimes self study helps a child to be more focused. This is relevant for the child's growth into knowledge.

Implementation Strategies & Learnings

It's just an idea I came around with when I always enter my neighborhood but I haven't tried it yet. Thorough data gathering and analysis will help in order to know whether this idea will work or not