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ThePartneringInitiative Establishing Effective Partnerships

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    4 weeks
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INSTRUCTORThe Partnering Initiative

The Partnering Initiative is a leading independent not-for-profit dedicated to unleashing the power of partnership for a prosperous and sustainable future. TPI’s work is aimed at defining and strengthening the enabling system that allows partnerships to thrive: encouraging supportive international and national policy; building platforms and other mechanisms in-country to catalyze partnerships; and supporting organizations to maximize the potential of partnerships by becoming more strategic and institutionally set up to collaborate through its Fit for Partnering approach. TPI’s training, advisory services and suite of internationally renowned tools and guidebooks accompany individuals, partnerships and organizations in that journey.

About This Course

To tackle the world’s most difficult development challenges, nonprofit organizations cannot work alone. Strong partnerships—working relationships with other organizations, businesses, government agencies, or international agencies—are necessary to create sustainable social change. Yet getting different groups of people to agree to a single plan is no simple task: it requires tact, creativity, and skill.

This course provides frameworks, guidelines, and tools to help you establish effective partnerships. From identifying potential partners to signing partnering agreements, you will learn how to navigate the initial stages of the partnering process. Along the way, you will meet expert practitioners, apply practical tools to your own work, and practice your negotiation skills.

Course Topics

  • Module 1: What Kind of Partnership Do I Need?
    Approach new partnerships strategically
  • Module 2: Who Should I Partner With?
    Identify and assess potential partners
  • Module 3: How Do I Build a Strong Relationship?
    Build strong, productive relationships
  • Module 4: Which Processes Should I Use?
    Co-create strategic partnering agreements

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suited for individuals working on social impact or development issues who would like to establish partnerships with other organizations, businesses, government agencies, or international agencies.

You will need a device that allows you to listen to audio, access course materials, and upload your assignments.


The University is a non-degree, diploma or credit granting initiative. Philanthropy U, Inc. is the concept developer and sponsor of the initiative. Learners are not entitled to earn college or other academic credit.

To earn a Certificate of Achievement for this course, you need to earn more than 50% of possible points on quizzes and assignments to obtain a passing grade. Quizzes are worth 15% of your total score, while assignments are worth 85%.

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