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PhilanthropyU [2018 June] Introduction to Fundraising

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Dr. Thomas Wolf's career in philanthropy spans over four decades. He has been both a fundraiser, a donor and a grantmaker, giving him unique perspectives on multiple elements of philanthropic relationships. He is currently a principal of WolfBrown, an international consulting firm that he helped establish. Wolf holds a doctorate from Harvard University where he taught for many years, including a popular course on fundraising. He is the author of How to Connect with Donors and Double the Money You Raise, Managing a Nonprofit Organization in the 21st Century, Effective Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations, and other books.

About This Course

The world of fundraising can often seem inaccessible and overwhelming - but it does not have to be! If you are just starting to raise money for your organization or know that you will be soon, this course will help you get started. You will learn crucial fundraising terms and, most importantly, their implications for your organization. You will create a map of your personal and professional networks to help identify potential donors. This course will also help you understand what donors look for when deciding whether to fund a program or organization so that you can plan to strengthen those areas if needed.

Course Topics

  • Module 1: The Seven Myths of Fundraising
    Leverage the people and resources in your community effectively for your organization.
  • Module 2: Words Every Fundraiser Should Know
    Understand the basics of the fundraising world, including common terms and rules.

For more information on the course materials and schedule view the Course Syllabus.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is a useful introduction to the world of fundraising. Organizations new to fundraising and individuals just starting to consider how to raise funds will find this course most useful. No previous learning or experience is required.

You will need a device that allows you to listen to audio, access course materials, and upload your assignments.


The University is a non-degree, diploma or credit granting initiative. Philanthropy U, Inc. is the concept developer and sponsor of the initiative. Learners are not entitled to earn college or other academic credit.

Learners are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement for this course through the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley Haas). Berkeley Haas is known for its role in defining a new generation of business leaders with a focus on social impact. Ranked #2 among all business school nonprofit programs in the United States (US News & World Report, 2017), Berkeley Haas inspires and empowers innovative solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges through the work of the Institute for Business and Social Impact (IBSI) and the Center for Social Sector Leadership (CSSL).

To earn a Certificate of Achievement for this course, you need to earn more than 50% of possible points on quizzes and assignments to obtain a passing grade. Quizzes are worth 15% of your total score, while assignments are worth 85%.


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