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PhilanthropyU Branding 101

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INSTRUCTORAnne Miltenburg

A former creative director for a global branding agency, Anne is now the CEO of Brand the Change, a Nairobi-based educational company that trains social entrepreneurs to build stronger brands for change.

Anne is also the author of the book, Brand the Change: The Branding guide for Social Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, Not-For-Profits, and Corporate Troublemakers. As a thought leader, she has published articles in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, taught at universities around the world, and graced the TED stage to deliver a talk on Accelerating Change Through Branding.


In a perfect world, great initiatives for change would get the attention they deserve. However, in reality, many initiatives fail to “make it” even with a great idea, product or service. They fail because they do not reach the audiences they need or communicate their value effectively.

In this course, you will learn how to build a brand that will get your cause the attention it deserves. A strong brand for your organization will help shape your communications, guide your visual identity, and inform your actions. By examining real-world examples from leading social impact organizations, you will be able to effectively use your time and resources to stand out from your competition.


  • Module 1: The Power of Branding
    Unpack the model underneath strong brands by defining what branding is and can be, and what it can do for you.
  • Module 2: Defining Your Brand Core
    Define the core principles that will drive your brand: your vision, mission, values, promises, and essence.
  • Module 3: Developing Your Brand Identity
    Translate your brand’s core beliefs to a living, breathing identity that stands out from the crowd.
  • Module 4: Creating Brand Interactions
    Optimize how your audience will experience your brand in the outside world.
  • Module 5: Implementing Your Brand
    Learn how to bring your brand to life by translating your ideas into tangible assets.


This course is designed for both early-stage social entrepreneurs looking to develop their brand as well as more established social impact organizations attempting to refine their brand. Ideally, those taking this course already have at least some idea of the product, service, or idea they’d like to put out into the world. Additionally, this course will be most useful for those who are ready to act, intending to bring their product or service to market in the next year.

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The University is a non-degree, diploma or credit granting initiative. Philanthropy U, Inc. is the concept developer and sponsor of the initiative. Learners are not entitled to earn college or other academic credit.

Learners are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement for this course. To earn a Certificate of Achievement for this course, you need to earn more than 50% of possible points on quizzes and assignments to obtain a passing grade. Quizzes are worth 15% of your total score, while assignments are worth 85%.

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