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PhilanthropyU Digital Advertising for Nonprofits

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    20 minutes
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INSTRUCTORPhilanthropy University

Philanthropy University is reimagining capacity building for the digital age. Our free online university accelerates the impact of local organizations with essential courses and vibrant communities of practice focused on delivering sustainable development and improving the lives of people everywhere.


To create change, your organization needs to find supporters. That's where digital advertising can help. Whether you're looking for donors, partners, customers, or volunteers, digital advertising lets you reach eyes and hearts around the world.

In this short lesson, you'll learn how to use tools like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to reach a larger yet more targeted audience.


  • Understanding Digital Ads
    How does digital advertising work, what can it do for my nonprofit, and which tools are right for me?
  • Managing an Ad Campaign
    How do I create effective ads and manage their progress?

Who Should Take This Lesson?

The experience will be beneficial to any nonprofit looking to reach a broad but targeted group of individuals online.

Ready to get started with digital advertising?

Philanthropy University can help you set up your digital advertising campaigns. As a student at Philanthropy University you're eligible to join our new Google Ad Grants Management Service.

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