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To create lasting solutions to marginalized entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship skills, entrepreneurship development activities, empowering, motivation and innovation for such entrepreneurs to achieve their desires through various programs.

Current Challenges

In these unprecedented times when COVID-19 continues to spread and to impact almost every individual and organization across the world directly or indirectly, our organisation has also deeply been affected now and in the times to come. As it is not yet clear what the current pandemic situation holds in future, it is important to balance the scale by looking for different ways we gonna go on. This means that we have been unable to meet our office expenses, pay our staff, continue supporting our beneficiaries specifically women and university student entrepreneurs whose projects and lives are adversely affected by impact of COVID-19. We have not raised money since March, 2020 after all public activities and gathering were stopped in Tanzania. We have decided to cut back or considering cutting back in-country programmes. This includes postponing some programmes implementation, closing one office and limiting income to some few very necessary office expenses. We are afraid that our existence in the next three months is in jeopardy.


What We Have Tried

We have tried to address these but we must admit that strings imposed under COVID-19, lack of funds and the overall immaturity of our organisation has been some of bottlenecks in between

Tools We Are Using

We are using our workers as volunteers, continue to learn various online programmes at Philanthropy university and other platforms, fundraise through Givingway at We also use facebook and twitter for ads. We are in a process to set up our website.

What We Can Offer

Training on various entrepreneurship and soft skills for development based on African perspective

People Power