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Vision : By 2025, Burundian women supported by ADDF Karusi, live in dignity and fully enjoy their fundamental rights : 1. Women who have the skills, abilities and access to quality services that guarantee their physical and mental integrity; 2. Women who have access to economic opportunities that meet their basic needs; 3. Socio-cultural practices and beliefs that promote gender equity. Mission : Promote and advocate for women's rights through dialogue, direct assistance to vulnerable women and girls, training, information and empowerment of women.

Current Challenges

The rate of HIV/AID in Ruyigi, Butezi and Gisuru Commune keeps increasing among young girls, at least 2 girls is infected every day. The school dropout is also alarming due to unwanted pregnancies, more than 35 girls drop out a month. This project will help the community to improve the communication adapted to behavior change and mobilization to promote the health of young girls in the Commune of Ruyigi, Butezi and Gisuru. It will also help to improve communication between parents and educators with different services and also strengthen the knowledge and skills of young girls through information and health education by using media suitable and training. it will help also to improve community participation in promoting SSR education.


What We Have Tried

90 Community Health Workers, 300 peers educators among young girls, 90 members of local CBOs, 30 religious leaders, and 90 school representatives are trained by ADDF to support this Initiative. This project expects to see an increase of awareness in young girls who will forever be changed by adopting healthier life styles brought and taught by staff and volunteers of ADDF.

Tools We Are Using

Survey using questionnaire, observation grids (les grilles d’observation )

What We Can Offer