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We are committed to protect, conserve, restore and improve the environment as a valuable asset for the community through provision of environmental education, waste management and biodiversity restorations.

Current Challenges

Before the outbreak of COVID-19 aimed to scale up our idea of Zero Waste program in Dar es Salaam, Tanizania. The outbreak of novel CoronaVirusDisease led us stop our operations until further notice. So far our partners who were responsible to buy or materials were closed their factories.

Online Training
Human Resources

What We Have Tried

We opted to new idea of collecting recyclables materials - we partnered with Comapany that buy cardboard and clear papers only.

Tools We Are Using

1. Material recovery facility 2. Mapping all points using Open data Kit - and digitizing 3. Members financial contributions

What We Can Offer

I can train people on Solid waste management in relation to climate change - SDG goal 13.

Online Training Tools