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Our mission is to provide quality services to our clients using the best available methodology, knowledge, skills and technology for improved performance

Current Challenges

Every minute that ticks, there is a Ugandan somewhere desperately hungry and has nowhere to run to for support but also there are hundreds of Ugandans and international people and agencies of goodwill wishing to give but do not know where to give or sure what to give and more so how it would get to the intended beneficiary. One out of every two Ugandans lives on less than a dollar a day, and a staggering one in five is malnourished. The majority of Uganda's poor are urban poor dwellers, including refugees, people with disabilities and smallholder farmers scattered in rural villages throughout the country. The slum dwellings and remote location make their situation even more precarious. When a disaster like droughts, climate weather, or disease like COVID-19 outbreak strikes, it causes a rise in food prices caused by food shortages, relief agencies are not prepared and usually take time to respond or never and in many instances very far from emergency food supplies. Getting on the Food Bank online platform, needy families supported by their local Scout Units can quickly access their food requisitions to prevent hunger and malnutrition in the long run but also people of goodwill can quickly respond to the cries of the starving in real-time.

Delivery Services

What We Have Tried

The organisation is already building up a E-Food Bank online platform that will enable any needy families in any setting access food in a timely manner while promoting self-sufficiency among the rural farming communities to build, stock to sustain their local food bank hubs thereby increasing their food security. The food bank will operate an online platform that coordinates all local food bank hubs located at the local community within the vicinity of the families and community in need

Tools We Are Using

We are currently using manual distribution systems which are tedious, not very transparent and very difficult to make accountability in real-time. A combination of In-kind food, cash donations and volunteer time is being invested in and we are working on IT solutions to harmonize all the resources available.

What We Can Offer

Replication of the innovative solution in delivering services to those who most need them.