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We are a Non-governmental organization that is very passionate about the Girl child and the education of the Girl child. We are passionate about increasing the number of females in STEM, training the girls in an underserved community, and improving the resourcefulness of young girls and women through our widespread packages. The Girls Code Initiative empowers young ones at school with our well seasoned short exciting courses and STEM projects. The Girls Code is focused on using a structured STEM curriculum to train young ones. The Girls Code enriches the underserved girls with strong IT skills and improves their resourcefulness. We aim to increase the number of girls in tech in the world as a whole. Our programs educate, equip, and inspire girls with the computing skills they’ll need to pursue 21st-century opportunities. We give girls the skills and resources they need for careers beyond the classroom. We help girls build the confidence they need to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry. To increase the number of women in the digital space by empowering girls of ages 7 and above to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology. To provide African youth with the skills to occupy some of the 1.4 million computing job openings expected to be available in the world. by 2020, and to train 1 million girls by 2025.

Current Challenges

Girls are not adequately filling the male-dominated tech space in Africa 75% of those young girls are losing the opportunity of the 1.6m jobs that will empower them each year.

Online Training

What We Have Tried

At the Girls Code Initiative, we are preparing them for the work of the future, in Content marketing, digital skills development, full-stack development skills, robotics, Artificial intellegence, all our girls go through 6 months cohort for free learning all the skills set to prepare them for the tech job available in the present and the future

Tools We Are Using

At the moment we are currently using human tools and few tech tools

What We Can Offer

We will be ready to provide support from our trained girl's for services to other organization at the most cost-efficient such as web development, content marketing, social media management,