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The University accelerates local impact with world-class free online courses and vibrant online communities.

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Philanthropy University is for non profit leaders looking to deepen their knowledge and skills, build their organization’s capacity and unlock greater impact.

Free online courses
Focus on improving organizational capacity
Free online communities and peer learning


Designed for learners and local organizations in the Global South but open to all, courses are created by leading academics and development professionals from around the world.

Learn key skills in fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, and more with our easy-to-use digital learning platform.

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Our vibrant communities allow you to connect with other learners.

Share best practices, receive peer-to-peer support from other learners and find crowd-sourcing solutions from across different geographies and sectors.

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Enrolling in Philanthropy University has given me a leap in my career and helped me stand out among my peers. Now I have a clear picture that will help ensure my non profit has a long term impact on the people who need it most.

Philanthropy University has transformed my life and made me thirsty to get involved in any philanthropic.

When you find there are like minded people out there, you become really motivated to do more.If you're alone, you can dream and dream and dream. But as a group you push each other to take action.

Philanthropy University’s free online University, Forum and Awards provide local non profit leaders with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to deliver sustainable development for all.

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